Inclement Weather Alert

July 11, 2019

Inclement Weather Alert

Important Announcement: Tropical Storm Barry Impact

The impact of the budding hurricane, Tropical Storm Barry, on the Gulf of Mexico region is expected to be significant and may affect our pharmacy operations and delivery in limited areas. We anticipated this storm since its recognition and have expedited shipments of prescriptions to help ensure Onco360 patients experience no interruption in therapy.

As of this moment, we are operating during regular business hours at all pharmacy locations across the states, including our Texas facility in Houston. We are working closely with FedEx to ensure that all deliveries into high-risk areas are closely monitored. If necessary, prescription processing will shift to our primary pharmacies in Louisville, Kentucky and Great Neck, New York.

Additionally, we are working closely with our providers in the impacted areas regarding shipments that are scheduled to be delivered to their offices, as we expect some offices may close as conditions worsen. Currently, we have not experienced any impact due to this storm.

Our team will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide an updated alert should there be any significant change of circumstances. Should you have any questions regarding the impact of the storm, please contact Onco360 at 877.662.6633.