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Our goal is to ensure that each and every patient feels confident that their health and wellbeing is managed by a pharmacy that isn’t just delivering their medications, but is answering every question, and eliminating any concerns about their care.

What to Expect

As soon as your doctor sends us your prescription, we start working to get it filled right away. 

  1. You will receive a phone call from an Onco Care Coordinator
  2. They will verify and collect additional information such as height, weight, allergies, and current medications
  3. Once the Care Coordinator has the information needed and your prescription is reviewed by one of our pharmacists, your medication will be shipped, and we will send you a tracking number

Ongoing Care From Your Pharmacy Team

Since we provide the best and most compassionate care, we have a team of highly trained experts that will help you through every step of the way throughout your treatment, Here are members of the Onco360 pharmacy team you will meet along the way:

Onco Care Coordinator – Your first phone call will be from one of our Care Coordinators after we receive your first prescription from your doctor to validate your insurance coverage and complete your patient profile.

Board Certified Oncology Pharmacists – Will review your medication, provide dosing instructions, and identify potential side effects to make sure you are on the best course of treatment to achieve the best possible results.

OncoAdvocate® Team - If you request financial assistance, you will talk to one of our OncoAdvocates. They are the experts in sourcing third-party funding options for eligible patients.

Oncology Nurse – Our nurses are available anytime to discuss concerns about your medication such as side effects and will collaborate with your doctor and our pharmacists.

Operations Outreach Team – Each month, when it’s time for a refill, they will call you to discuss your refill and will address any changes in the past month that could affect your treatment.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Nurses – Responsible for providing ongoing education and medication counseling outreach for certain medications.

How To Refill

Based on your prescription instructions and dosing, we know exactly when you are due for a refill.

  1. You will be contacted by a member of our Operations Outreach Team about a week before you are due to run out of medication.
  2. We will ask you a few questions about your medication, including any side effects or if there have been any changes in your health.
  3. After we have your answers and your prescription is reviewed by our pharmacists, we will begin the refill process. If a new prescription or prior authorization is needed, we will handle any paperwork or phone calls to refill your prescription.

Note: If you do not receive a call from our pharmacy within seven days of a needed refill, feel free to contact us at 877.622.6633.

Safe Handling of Medication

Chemotherapy medications are designed to kill cancer cells but may also harm normal cells in the body. It’s important that these medications are handled carefully to avoid unnecessary exposure. Some precautions to take are:

  • Wash hands before and after handling
  • Keep away from food and other household items
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • If you are a caregiver, pour pills into a small cup and hand to the patient and/or wear protective gloves, masks, glasses, etc.

Safe Disposal of Medication

Do not throw unused or expired medication into the garbage or flush it down the toilet. To find a local drug disposal near you, visit the NABP for recommendations. If a drug disposal site is not available in your area, please follow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for the safe disposal of unused or unwanted medications. You may also contact your state’s Board of Pharmacy as an additional resource.

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