Medicare Patients Can Choose Their Specialty Pharmacy

Your Medicare Patients Are Not Always Limited to the Pharmacy Listed on the Back of Their Insurance Card

The beginning of a new year can be confusing for Medicare patients because health insurance benefits have either changed or reset. They may have even received new cards. But did you know that you are not always limited to the pharmacy listed on the back of a patient’s card?

According to the Medicare Part D Statute, “any” pharmacy that is willing and able to meet a Medicare Part D plan’s standard terms and conditions, must be considered an “in-network” pharmacy provider1.

Your Medicare Patients Have the Power to Choose Their Specialty Pharmacy.

January 1st is a Good Time to Evaluate Funding Options

At Onco360, we see the benefit reset on January 1 as an opportunity to revisit funding solutions for new and existing patients. We are dedicated to helping your Medicare patients tackle the financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis that can often interrupt therapy. We have over 20 OncoAdvocate® associates dedicated to finding funding opportunities all year for qualified patients.

In fact, in 2022, 76% of Medicare patients had ZERO out-of-pocket costs
with a projected $320 million secured from third-party funding.

Onco360 provides many options to help your Medicare patients lessen the financial burden of the donut hole.

Partner with the oncology experts at Onco360 for your Medicare Part D patients.

We can help ease financial burden and adherence issues at the beginning of the year and all your long. After all, our number one priority is the same as yours – better patient care.

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150.8.1 – Any Willing Pharmacy Requirement

*Third-party survey data provided by MMIT for Independent Specialty Pharmacies (Oncology). Report dates Q3 and Q4 2021.