Onco360 Supports Men's HealthVote NOW to determine how our donations will be distributed.

This September, we’re donating 5% of our total gross profit* on all prostate medications dispensed to three men’s health charities. Your vote decides the percentage given to each of these great organizations. For more information on each of the organizations, please visit their websites linked below.

Voting will close at midnight September 30th, 2018.

  • Please select from the drop down below. Your selection helps decide the distribution of our donation.

*Included medications: Zytiga, Zoladex, Mitoxatrone, Lupron, Jevtana, Flutamide, Firmagon, Etoposide, Erleada, Docetaxel,  Cisplatin, and Carboplatin.

1. Physicians Fax, Call or E-Prescribe

Qualifying prescribers can Fax, Call or Click to send prescription referrals to Onco360. (Note: Onco360 only accepts faxed, telephoned, or e-prescribed prescription drug orders from qualifying prescribers.  Patients may only submit original prescription drug orders obtained from their prescribing healthcare practitioner.)

Fax a prescription to 877-662-6355 . Order Forms

e-Prescribe to Onco360 in Great Neck, NY 11021, or NPI# 1679618151 under the retail tab in your EMR/EHR or standalone e-prescribing application.

2. Verification Process

  • Investigate Patient Insurance Coverage
  • Confirm Coverage
  • Prior Authorization Process Support
  • Collect Co-Payment When Required
  • Source Financial Assistance Programs
  • Bill Insurance for Rx

3. On-Time Delivery

  • Onco360 coordinates and confirms delivery of therapy, ensuring physicians and patients get the medications they need, right when they need them.